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Love Your Plate: 3 Day Mindful Eating Challenge

  • start date 01 May 2016
  • end date 03 May 2016
  • venue www.livingmindfuleating.com/facebookgroup
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Living Mindful Eating hosts a monthly mindful eating challenge to introduce you to the powerful benefits of mindful eating.

It’s the Love Your Plate: 3 Day Mindful Eating Challenge and is perfect for you if you’re:

* BUSY! (yes, in capital letters);
* done with deprivation diets;
* so OVER counting calories – constantly;
* feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, guilty around food;
* feeling out of control when it comes to food and eating;
* wanting to lose weight;
* wanting have more energy;
* wanting better digestion;
* wanting to be a great role model for your kids; and/or
* ready to finally come a place of freedom around food!

The FREE challenge can be found in the Living Mindful Eating Facebook Community. Hop in anytime to join in on the fun and get all the support you been craving.


Over 300 people have participated in the FREE Love Your Plate: 3 Day Mindful Eating Challenge, check out what they’re saying…

“I usually do not breathe at all when I eat because I am always RUNNNING. Single Mom, business owner. This was a nice moment and I should do it more often.” -Linda

“I chose a salad instead of more junk! I also listened to my body and stopped eating when I felt full!” – Laney

“Nice challenge.” -Alexandra

“I enjoyed some beautiful spinach in my breakfast smoothie, with Greek yogurt, tons of berries and flax seed. Great way to start the day!” – Elizabeth

-This is so lovely!” -Leslie

“I can’t wait to think about my breathing when I eat my beautiful food today!” – Tamara

“I’m back for more!” – Amanda

“The benefits are far reaching. Thanks, Ladies.” -Debbie

It’s always better doing a challenge with others you love, so have them join in on the FUN by hopping over into our Living Mindful Eating Facebook Community.


Much Love,

Jenny and Melissa, Your Mindful Eating Experts at Living Mindful Eating

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